Carmelite Monastery, Quidenham, Norfolk, NR16 2PH

Our community consists of Catholic women who have come together from many different backgrounds and previous religious experience to live together the Teresian Carmelite vocation.

Its aim is to enable us to support each other as we endeavour to witness to the gospel through the complete gift of ourselves to God in a life of love and service.

Inspired by the spiritual way marked out for us by Saint Teresa of Avila, our primary mission in the Church is one of contemplative prayer.

The Carmelite monastery at Quidenham is situated twenty two miles from the cathedral city of Norwich at the hub of the diocese of East Anglia. Established here since 1948, we belong to a living tradition of Carmelite life whose origins stem from a group of hermits living on Mount Carmel in the Holy Land in the twelfth century and whose monasteries are today a worldwide presence.

One of the Sisters "succeeded in lighting her candle and, with this candle, she lighted those of the whole community. It was, therefore, a half-extinguished little lamp that produced all the beautiful flames which, in their turn, could produce an infinity of others and even light the whole universe... For God wills that we communicate grace to each other through prayer with great love."

from the Last Conversations of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux